Yasir Salah
My work in graphic design spans a wide range of packaging sizes and materials, including plastics, food packaging, multi-wall bags, milk and juice cartons. I have extensive knowledge of the FDA's nutritional labeling guidelines, ensuring that all designs meet regulatory standards.
Also, I'm a food photographer and a food stylist.
As a technical illustrator, I illustrated and designed a set of tools, including packaging and logo for Radio Shack. These tools were sourced from overseas manufacturers without instructions. After consulting with various sales representatives, I wrote and designed the instructional materials for each product. 
I view project constraints as opportunities for creative solutions. For example when the owner of  Shawarmah Press contacted me to design a sign after the city rejected his logo, I found a way to meet the city's requirement for white lettering. By collaborating with the sign manufacturer, I incorporated the owners color schemes into the design while adhering to city codes.

For 17 years, I provided packaging designs for Dallas Gourmet Bakery, helping them expand from one product to twelve. I also developed  marketing solutions that enabled them to supply their goods to Sam's Club, Sky Chefs, Costco, 7-Elleven and Whole Foods, all of which have stringent nutritional standards. 
Additionally I worked in the advertising department at Kroger, managing all graphics and store displays needs for 65 stores including 25 grand openings. 
I'm also knowledgeable in working with foil-stamping and embossing enhancing the visual appeal and tactile experience of my designs.

I'm fluent in
English and Arabic, and have working knowledge of Spanish and French.
In my spare time I like to play basketball and table tennis.
Yasir Salah
Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign as well Adobe Dimension for 3D  modeling & product Mock-ups. 

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